Streamline and automate bank transaction processing with automated coding and categorization for faster month-end closing.​

Handle multiple processes with one solution

The bank account reconciliation process can be time-consuming and very manual. Our solutions automate and streamline your reconciliation process by identifying and adding cash and contra postings and adding them to bank transactions. This allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort needed and reduce your unallocated cash.​

You can automatically include and enrich transactions from ERP’s, bank accounts and other source systems into OpusCapita matching.

This makes monitoring and reporting easier and more efficient. It also allows you to define the processes based on your company’s needs instead of your ERP’s rules.


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Reduce manual work and increase accuracy

Automate your reconciliation process to reduce manual work which can lower your days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve working capital management.

You not only achieve high rates of automation, but users are assisted throughout the manual phases which contributes to more efficient transaction handling.

In addition, matching proposals are created automatically in order ease the exception handling process.


Empowering with an intuitive interface

Empower your teams and offer them the possibility to continuously develop and enhance the automation of their matching processes.

By doing this, you gain the effects of process improvements faster and lower the threshold to create continuous development.

With an intuitive interface and no coding needed, your team can easily make changes to increase the efficiency of the process


Enriching the data yields higher automation

Matching data is not always accurate enough for efficient automation. Increase the automation ratio of matching by enriching the transaction information.

This will increase the automatic matching percentage and reduce manual searches for additional information from several different systems.

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Live Demo

Automated Account Reconciliation

Automation always sounds great doesn't it? But how would it look in practice? Is it really as good as it's claiming to be? Watch our live demo to see our solution in action.


Accounts Receivable Automation - Speed up your cash with automated reconciliation

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of accounts receivable automation and focuses in particular on the reconciliation process.

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