Easily integrate all of your banks to any financial back office system.

Industry benchmark protection

A corporation’s connection to a bank is at the core of its operations. To be in business, you need to have a relationship with at least one bank and a solution for sending payments and receiving account information. Processes relating to cash outflows and inflows obviously need to be secure and run without interruptions. In addition, Treasury needs reliable and up-to-date data on transactions and account balances for accurate analyses, forecasts, and financial and business decisions.​ In short, all bank material needs to be pulled in.

Our cloud platforms are regularly audited with industry certification, such as ISAE type 1 and 2.


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Connectivity to fit your needs

We have over one hundred direct bank connections, so whether you want to make local payments in China, use any bank in the Nordic region, or want to utilize highly standardized EBICS in Central Europe, we have the experience to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

We offer a SWIFT certified solution for cash management which is integrated directly to SWIFT Lite2 and provides connectivity to over 10.000 financial institutions worldwide. 

Choose the model that works best for you by combining both SWIFT and direct connectivity. End-users won’t even notice the difference since all the connections are deeply integrated into our Cash Management solution.


Ensure you always have the latest industry standard

We offer a 100% ERP and bank independent solution that integrates to any of your back office systems and manages all payment formats as a service anywhere in the world.

We manage hundreds of format conversions and exceptions for our customers and our interfaces are fully ISO 20022 XML CGI-MP compliant.  We ensure you always have the latest global standards in connectivity.


Implementing bank connectivity with Valmet

Bank connectivity is the foundation that most companies use to build their modern Treasury and Cash Management functions. Depending on your own banking strategy and structure, there can be several approaches.


Easy integrations for all of your bank and financial systems

OpusCapita’s Global Bank Connectivity solution offers a secure and flexible way to connect with over 10 800 banks and financial institutions around the world.


The Ultimate Guide to Bank Connectivity

Considering the critical importance of bank connectivity, it’s a surprise that many corporations still make do with online banking tools and manual processes for uploading and downloading data.

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