Standardized, centralized and harmonized payment processes

Our Payment solution seamlessly integrates all your financial systems into one secure gateway. As a treasury, finance, or IT professional, you want a solution that is easy to manage, and which centralizes all of your group’s payments so as to mitigate the risk of fraud and cybercrime. All ERP, manual, and treasury payments can be managed within our single, easy-to-use solution.​

Scalable global payments

Standardize and centralize your payments process by scaling up to a global payment factory. By centrally managing the payment workflow and straight through processing to banks you can greatly reduce the risk of fraud and increase the visibility of your payment flows.

We offer a single API to all of your financial systems to manage all the banking formats and banks where ever you do business.

Our cash management solution, offered as SaaS, is integrated to the SWIFT Alliance Lite2 service. Corporate customers can exchange all needed cash management and trade finance messages through the SWIFT SCORE network.​


Automate manual payments

We offer user-friendly templates for registering any kind of manual payments anywhere in the world. When all payment flows use a single solution, users no longer need internet bank access. You can also define policies to separate duties and maintain them in a harmonized way.

You can increase the automation of manual payment processing by getting rid of e-mails or cumbersome posting processes. This allows for increased accuracy and more timely cash forecasts.

Valmet case study

Read how Valmet moved its global payments to the cloud

Valmet wanted to create consistent automated processes for payment management and reconciling and posting customer payments in its international Financial Service centers.


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