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While corporate Treasurers and Cash Managers are focused on mitigating the risks associated with an uncertain economic and political climate, they must now increasingly focus on combating fraud.

Payment fraud affects nearly every industry and, for the first time, Cybercrime is the 2nd most reported type of economic crime. It is increasingly important for companies to have visibility and control over their payment processes.

We have created this resource center to help you understand the risks associated with payment fraud, steps you can take to mitigate those risks, as well as free tools you can use to bring greater transparency and control to your processes.




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Where does payment fraud happen?

Payment fraud is something that you cannot afford to ignore. It is continually growing - both in frequency and cost. In fact, 78% of companies experienced payment fraud in 2017.

Yet 22% of companies have never carried out a fraud risk assessment. Are you one of them?

Managing the risk of payment fraud requires a holistic approach: dangers come from both inside and outside the company. 


Areas at high risk of payment fraud

Is your payment process secure?

With nearly $3 billion dollars lost to Business Email Compromise attacks since 2013, creating a secure payment process is now a priority for global Treasury departments.

Avoiding fraud by creating a secure payment process requires a holistic approach.  Companies need to raise the visibility they have, create harmonized processes, control user rights and make use of the latest technologies.


Is your payment process secure?

Are your internal processes keeping you safe?

Fraudsters are not always out there - sometimes, they are within a company. Poorly designed processes and lax access control are often the culprits. 

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Prevent Payment Fraud - Reduce your risks

How can you learn more about preventing payment fraud?

Are your cash flows safe from fraud?

Our eBook on fraud prevention takes a comprehensive look at corporate payment security, and helps you to keep your cash outflows safe from fraud in the evolving threat environment.

Payment fraud has become a true and permanent threat to organizations of all sizes. Various studies show a considerable rise both in fraud attempts and in the financial damage caused by fraud. Corporate Cash Managers and Treasurers are forced to combat economic and cyber crime, and need to focus increasingly on fraud prevention in their purchase and payment processes.

With this eBook, we want to share with you best practices and advice on mitigating the risk of fraud. Our eBook takes a comprehensive look at corporate payment security, and equips you to keep your cash outflows safe from fraud in an ever-evolving threat environment.


prevent payment fraud

Payment Management with OpusCapita

OpusCapita Payments seamlessly integrates all of your financial systems into one secure gateway, which firmly centralizes your group's payments to mitigate the risk of fraud and cybercrime.  All ERP, manual and treasury payments can be managed within our single, easy to use solution.

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Prevent Payment Fraud - Reduce your risks

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