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I want to support our customers to better manage their cash in these unreal times!

Jukka Sallinen
Head of Cash Management Business Line, OpusCapita

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Liquidity Management Basic now free for all our customers*

We are living in unprecedented times. Times that put treasury at the forefront when it comes to business continuity. We understand that treasurers around the world are now working around the clock to ensure their companies have enough cash to weather whatever storm may come next. Cash visibility & forecasting is at the core of our offering, and we are now making it available for free for all our customers until the end of year.

Scroll down to see how you can start using it today. You can also watch this 30 minute live demo, how it works.

What does Liquidity Management Basic enable you to do? With the basic package, you will be able to enable your subsidiaries across the globe to manually input (or upload from Excel) their current cash balances and future cash flows (for example AR, AP, taxes etc) in OpusCapita. Once you have this data centralized, the basic package enables you to setup Reports and Dashboards which will automatically consolidate and display all entered balances and cash flows.

In short, this includes:

  • Manually entering cashflows (Liquidity Unit Entry)
  • Manually entering cash positions (Liquidity Balance Entry)
  • Liquidity grid and graph, best-practice Reports such as:
    • Cash Visibility
      • Cash balances per bank account, per bank or per company
      • Actual inflows and outflows on bank accounts (if statements are imported in OpusCapita)
    • Cash Forecasting
      • Total forecast
      • Forecast per bank account, per company or per currency
      • Actual vs Forecast
    • Dashboards for visualizations cash positions and forecast

We hope that in these tough times, Liquidity Basic will make your work with managing your group cash a little bit easier.

*All SaaS customers that are in Azure. The set-up is done completely remotely. Just contact us and we switch it on.

check-ico.png Liquidity Management - Quick Benefits
check-ico.png Gain full visibility to your cash position at all times
check-ico.png Slice & dice your forecast any way you want
check-ico.png Collect accurate forecasts automatically or via easy templates from subsidiaries
check-ico.png Extend to more advanced reports like working capital analysis as you go & learn

Three steps to get started

1. Get in touch with us so we can enable Liquidity Basic for you.

2. Add cash flows with pre-built templates or import them from Excel.

3. Build reports with our straight-forward drag'n' drop functionality.



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Centralized Cash Visibility - Live demo

We believe seeing is believing! In this live demo, we will show you how our dashboards enable you to easily manage missing statements or get a quick overview of your cash positions in certain banks, business divisions, companies or bank accounts.
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